Seeing Stars

For 2011, I will stretch my creative muscles and make a star each day.
I will see and celebrate a human star each week. I look forward to acknowledging the every day people who make this world a better place.
Stay tuned, baby!!!

Monday, January 31, 2011

february already?

I'm not going to kick my ass because I only did about half a month of stars at the beginning of this project..but seriously? it's already february?

Will I have to double up on star art this month to catch up?
Before I make these self imposed creative time decisions..I will put up some Found Stars to make up for the lack of Made Stars. I would love to make some of these little embellished metal funky objects..found these in Jackson Hole a while back and they have inspired some of my own star art.

Friday, January 21, 2011

1.12.11 guess what this is star

what do you think I made this star with? I would love to hear your answers (of course this would make some have to go the extra mile of signing up for blogger etc...)
do it!!!!!

1.12.11 coffee bean star

my sis and her cute husband roasted their own coffee beans and packaged them oh so cool for christmas..I loved the way my hands smelled after forming this staf.

1.11.11 break up star

feeling a little exposed today after a sad break up..would have cut a heart out of my orange to metaphor my feelings but instead..I will rize and shine above this, damnit! a star, it is...a nice, crooked, juicy star.

1.10.11 pen collection star

I love pens..decided they would be a useful thing to collect..pictured here in the form of that?) are my fuzzy ballerina and goosey looking pens, my lipstick pen (someone said it looked like it should have batteries..naughty boy), my pens with india art on them (I need to look up the name of this kind of beaded embellishment), lizzard pen, monkey pen (my granddaughter talked me into buying) and other fun stuff.

Saturday, January 15, 2011